Specialised Mechanical Services has been established for over 25 years and offers professional services in the repair and servicing of:

• LP Gas powered Buffers and Strippers
• Water Blasters and Pressure Cleaners
• High Pressure Pumps
• Vacuum pumps/blowers
• Yard and outdoor Vacuums
• Truck or Trailer mounted Carpet Cleaning Machines
• Specialty Equipment including steam weeding equipment
both on site or at our workshop.
As our motto, “Professional People providing Superior Service”, suggests, we take extreme pride in our quality services and our ability to provide our customers with only the best.

Our Services Include

Specialised Mechanical Services offers a variety of servicing and repair services for various types of equipment.


A scheduled maintenance programme is essential for cleaning equipment. The machines are often used in arduous conditions and regular servicing helps you get the maximum life and performance from them. Specialised Mechanical Services can service your floor buffers and motorized outdoor vacuums on site at regular intervals.


No matter how good your equipment is, eventually it will break down, usually at the most inconvenient time. Specialised Mechanical Services fully equipped vehicles enable us to carry out most minor repairs on site and our workshop has the capability to re-power machines, fit out vehicles, and undertake major equipment rebuilds. Often spare machines are available to our customers at no charge while major repairs are undertaken.

Design & Build

Require a piece of equipment that is not available “off the shelf”?  Specialised Mechanical Services can build a machine to your design or work with you to design a system to suit your needs. Specialised Mechanical Services also fit machinery to vans, tray tops, trailers and trucks in a safe and legal manner. This is particularly important when a vehicle is carrying a water supply tank, when it is easily to exceed the legal load limits resulting in an unroadworthy or unsafe vehicle.


Specialised Mechanical Services provide a range of products from leading brands.

Floor Buffers

Floor Buffers

Specialised Mechanical Services staff has experience with all brands sold in Australia, including Pioneer, Polivac, Eagle, Gazda, Whirlwind, and WG&B.
The range of Pioneer Eclipse buffers and stripping machines can be purchased from Specialised Mechanical Services.:

Outdoor Vacuums

Outdoor Vacuums

The outdoor motorized vacuums, known as littervacs are available in many different brands, but the majority of these are built for domestic use. Specialised Mechanical Services supply and repair heavy duty littervacs  designed for the commercial cleaning industry.

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure Cleaners

Specialised Mechanical Services also provide, service and fit, petrol and diesel motor driven and special build machines for the commercial operator. Electrical powered commercial grade machines can also be obtained.

Truck Mounts

Truck Mounts

Specialised Mechanical Services are able to assist you with the installation and servicing of your truck mount.  We also offer service and repairs to these machines, particularly the motor and pump units, both vacuum blowers and pressure pumps.

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